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I don’t know but it feels like everything is going down hill for us. Things are changing, not for the good but for the worse. We are constantly arguing, yelling and getting mad at each other that if it still continues something horrible is going to happen. Just miss how we used to be. How everything we did for each other was full of happiness and excitement. Now it’s turning into arguments and tears. I just miss how you were before. How you always laugh at everything I did. How you always wanted to be close to each other. And even when your hands sweat when I hold it. Hope everything gets better soon with me and you.

I really hate my mom. Yes I hate her. You don’t know what fucked up things she does and it’s quite sad and messed up. Just can’t wait to get out of this place and stay away from her. Because I really can’t take this shit anymore.

Honestly it kind of sucks, you based your every day routine with someone and they’re the only person you talk to. But when they go out with friends you really don’t have anyone there but yourself because you blocked every one else out of your life because of that one person.


Cash Cash Ft. Bebe Rexha | Take Me Home



Emmanuel Hudson distributing life


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Jeni Suk Ft. IAMSU - Don’t Let Me Down


Getting a Lexus is250 by the end of this month! But im still debating on the 2008 Civic si.. Hmm


A few more from the Drift Mechaniks 10 year anniversary event.

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Miki Nyuu’s s13 ..

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